Hi! I'm Keiko O'Leary (Say my name like this: CAKE-oh). I care most about writing and cultivating writers, but I'm also involved with book binding, calligraphy, and other arts. Would you like to keep in touch? Just fill out the form below so the magic email robots will let me write to you.

Write to the End

This is my beloved writing group. We've been meeting for over ten years, at different locations around the Santa Clara Valley. Join us at a meeting! We welcome all writing. Follow the link to the Write to the End website for meeting information and articles about writing. If you'd like to start your own Write to the End chapter in another area or at another time, please contact me at keiko@KeikoOLeary.com.

Thinking Ink Press

Once upon a Tuesday night, Write to the End was meeting at Snake and Butterfly (mmm, you should go there right now and enjoy their chocolate, gelato, or coffee!). I made an offhand comment about "someday if we ever have a small press," and Anthony Francis said "What do you mean 'if'?" A couple of years later, five of us formed Thinking Ink Press. We've had the press for a few years now, and I can hardly remember a time when it wasn't part of our lives.

My Own Writing

I write mostly flash fiction (short stories of 1000 words or shorter) and essays.

Come to the Flash Fiction Forum, and you will hear many great pieces read by their authors--including, sometimes, me.

You can read my flash piece "White Mice" in the September 2016 issue of Fiction Silicon Valley and my short story "The Real Willie Blake" in the November issue.

Right now, you can watch a video of actor Alex Draa doing a dramatic reading of my short story "The Golden Beauty of Carlina Johansen, author of Milliner's Dreams" as part the live event New Year Nouveau by Play On Words San Jose. Watch the whole video! It has lots of good performances of good stories. But if you feel the need to skip to mine, it starts at 15 minutes, 37 seconds.
Click here to watch.

There's also a very nice interview that Play On Words did with me relating to that piece.

Instant Books

Instant Books are so much fun! You can fold one out of any size paper, without tools, thread, or glue.

Watch the beginning of Harvey Chin's video to see me fold and unfold an Instant Book.

Learn to fold your own Instant Book with this tutorial from Thinking Ink Press.

Let's connect!

Email is fastest. Write to me at keiko@KeikoOLeary.com.

Snail mail is the most fun. Send me a letter at

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And of course there's always social media.

If I'm on your platform, my username is @KeikoOLeary.

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